Friday, June 12, 2009

What if?

I am realizing more each day that people are beginning to think I am falling into error with my search for truth on the church and how it is operated overall nationally.I know I sound foolish for even taking time to write these things down.Who am I anyway? Just a plain simple housewife with no theological degree with a big heart that wants others to see Him for who He is. My heart is not to pridefully probe until I am proven right. That would be arrogant. My goal is not to tear down any one body or any person. This blog is not to hurt others even though I know others may be offended. However, as I have stated in other blogs, my heart is to open the truth so that others can see the true character of God. If we as children of the Lord do not pursue introducing the Person of Jesus in all areas of this journey. He has been misrepresented in so many ways. If we could display the reality of Jesus for who He really is in the way we live, serve and do church, I believe we would see more people being added into His kingdom.

Like I have shared before, I have had so many questions. I would like to share them. Ultimately I know that HE is the answer. He is the way.However, maybe the questions will provoke some thoughts.

What if all of us who have been taught one thing from the pulpit all of our lives would dare to venture out to seek the Holy Spirit and and dig in the Word of God ourselves? Would our thinking change? Would mindsets be torn down and rebuilt based on the whole truth of God instead of portions?

What if we all taught from our pulpits that the Holy Spirit will lead you in how to give of your life, finances, and other resources instead of teaching the law that we must give 10% of our income?

What if we stopped living our spiritual life by laws, tear down the church walls,focus on the poor and needy in our communities?

What if we stopped promoting leaders in the Body as if they are on a different spiritual plane than others, and start promoting everyone as equal importance in the Kingdom who too can hear from God?

What if we stopped judging the outcasts as though we know why they are in troubling situations and just love them regardless?

What if we truly learned to listen to others rather than thinking about what we want to say next?

What if we stopped acting like we know and have all the answers and just be real with others about our own weaknesses and failures so we could really gain their trust?

What if we closed our religious mouths a lot more and just love in our actions?

What if we opened out hearts and minds to what God may want the church to look like rather than how we have made it to be?

What if we took a few moments each day to encourage at least one person instead of finding fault with five people?

I write these things for myself more than anyone else. I am guilty. But I want to change and I believe He is changing me little by little as my eyes are open. I have to admit that I can relate more and more to why so many people no longer want to go to church. I feel their frustration and I feel their hurt. And I am thankful. I want to be an agent of change. Many times we cannot be the hands of God until we know what it feels like.

In my next blog, I am going to write about Jesus and things He said from the book of Matthew. When I read His words I am more aware of how we have missed some very important truths. I realized that as I have read these words so many times, I have failed to live them out. How I am reminded each day in the light of His grace that I need His mercy over and over. At the same time, I am challenged to be different with the help of His hand and love!

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